Homeowner Maintenance Tips

Many maintenance items are expected to be performed by the homeowner, even during the first year of occupancy. These include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining clear drains: over time it's easy for bathroom sink drains to become clogged with hair or other debris. You can simply remove the pull up drain by loosening the chrome hand tightened nut on the back of drain assembly under the sink. If you are not comfortable doing this maintenance on your own we suggest calling our plumbing Trade Partner, All Star Plumbing (256-232-1234) for a simple maintenance service call.
  • Maintaining clear gutters & downspouts
  • Replacement of light bulbs & batteries in Smoke Detectors (Smoke Detectors are 'hard-wired,' interconnected (if one goes off they all go off), and have a battery backup that will beep when it needs replacing
  • Changing of HVAC filters (this should be done monthly and we recommend using the standard grade fiberglass filters as opposed to the pleated, thicker filters as they can restrict airflow, and as a result cause more stress on the unit and increase your utility bills). Additionally, HVAC equipment should be professionally maintained at least once a year. We recommend calling our certified HVAC Trade Partner, Melton Company 256-776-3443, to obtain regular service maintenance. This small cost will help keep your equipment running optimally.
  • Care of landscaping & sod (this will be the largest Homeowner maintenance item because it will require proper care and fertilizing). Proper watering is very important. We see overwatering more than we see underwatering. We recommend you get professional help to help keep your yard looking in top shape. Any professional landscaper can assist in providing you with watering tips. You can also find more information on the web (sample site: http://www.humeseeds.com/watrng.htm).